nora® nTx – Safe. Fast. Universal.
The revolutionary quick installation system.

Ingeniously simple – the nora nTx self-adhesive rubber floor covering brings its adhesive strength straight from the factory.

With nora nTx, you can reduce installation times by up to 50% and can even carry out renovations during ongoing operations. Installation problems – such as bubbles, residual indentations, or seams – are a thing of the past.

The self-adhesive floor covering nora nTx is cleanly and safely installed in only a few steps and is immediately ready for use. And this can be done over both existing floor coverings and the concrete or cement screed subfloors typical in new construction, even if there is higher residual moisture.


Advantages at a glance

Reliable installation

nora® nTx reduces installation problems: no bubbles, no residual indentations, no seams. Ten-year guarantee.

Immediate usability

Avoid drying and waiting times. Installation is possible during ongoing operations, and the floor can be used immediately after installation.

High efficiency

The preparation of the floor and the installation of nora® nTx require only a few work steps – for more space in less time.

For all types of subfloors

nora® nTx is suitable for all common types of subfloors – also ideal for problematic subfloors and underfloor heating.

Use with residual moisture

Application in new buildings with higher residual moisture in the subfloor is also possible.

Covering-over-covering installation

In the case of renovations, installation is possible directly over existing floor coverings in just a few steps


Learn how quickly and securely nora nTx can be installed.

New construction with residual moisture

SanaCare Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH & Co.KG, Alsbach-Hähnlein

norament® nTx directly on concrete floors. Reliable and fast, even with residual moisture.

Office renovation with no downtime

Meyer + Harre Interior Design office, Berlin

The nora nTx laying technology has convinced builders, installers, and users alike.

Fast floor renovation in nursing home

“Glück Auf” Nursing and Care Centre, Benndorf

nora nTx made it possible to complete the renovation in two days.

Fast office renovation with no dirt

Lower Bavaria District administration building, Landshut

A new look for office spaces – in the shortest possible time, with little dust and dirt


New hospital construction, “Reading Hospital,” USA, installation of 22,500m² of nora nTx

“The installation of the nTx floor coverings saved us about two months of construction time.” Jeff Hutwelker, Project Executive, LF Driscoll Co., LC

New production hall and warehouse construction, “Sanacare,” Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany

“It is important to us that, in new construction, as little dust and dirt as possible is produced, and that we can use the new production hall as quickly as possible.” Marcel Fischer, SanaCare CEO.

School renovation, “Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium,” Weinheim, Germany

Here you can see how nora nTx is installed over existing flooring in a classroom.

Renovation of the „Afnorth International School“, Netherlands

See here how norament® nTx is being installed in the „Afnorth International School“ in the Netherlands.

nora nTx – the system configuration


nora nTx – product description

nora nTx consists of our standard floor coverings equipped with an adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered with a protective film. The glue – like our floor coverings – is rubber-based and particularly health-friendly.
The nora nTx system contributes to healthy indoor air quality and is “Indoor Air Comfort GOLD” certified. Moreover, nora nTx was awarded the “Plus X Award” in the “High Quality and Functionality” category. With nora nTx you get a complete system from a single source and a standard ten-year guarantee – for the highest functional security.

We offer nora nTx in a variety of designs, suitable for a wide range of applications. The perfect match between the installation materials and the floor coverings provides functional security and ensures the highest quality standards.

More information, including colors and detailed descriptions, is available in the nora nTx brochure:

Discover nora nTx

Download the brochure

Learn more about nora and the advantages of rubber flooring.

Download the brochure

nora® nTx – FAQs

What is nora® nTx?  

nora nTx consists of our standard noraplan and norament floor coverings equipped with an adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered with a protective film. The glue – like our floor coverings – is rubber-based and particularly health-friendly.   

Do the properties of the existing noraplan/norament products change? 

Because nora nTx is manufactured from our standard coverings, the product properties remain intact. The technical properties can be found in the technical data sheets.

What varieties are there? 

nora nTx is available as sheets and tiles. The standard range includes a color selection of noraplan signa and sentica in 2.1 mm thickness, and of norament 926 grano, satura, and arago in a thickness of 3.6 mm. Other colors and designs are available on request. 

What subfloor requirements must be observed for the installation? 

In general – as with all installations – we assume that there will be an intact screed/concrete subfloor that meets the requirements of the respective country standards. Damaged areas must be addressed.  

Can nora nTx be installed on all subfloors?    

nora® nTx can be used on all common screed/concrete subfloors, including: cement screed, quick-drying cement screed, calcium sulfate screed, and vacuum concrete/concrete. Similarly, nora® nTx can be laid over existing smooth floor coverings (e.g. rubber, linoleum, PVC) as well as on other subfloors (e.g. wood, aluminum). However, it must be ensured that these coverings are permanently bonded to the subfloor and have no hollow spaces.
The use of nora nTx on a heated substructure is possible without restriction if there is a corresponding heating protocol and the necessary moisture values are maintained. If the residual moisture content is high, nora nTx cannot be laid on heated substructures.

How is nora® nTx installed? 

nora® nTx can be installed without full surface leveling, depending on the absorbency of the subfloor. In general, the subfloor must first be processed and primed with nora nTx 020. Details about installation are available in the nora nTx installation recommendations. Installation recommendation for renovations covering-on-covering or for new installation with residual moisture in the subfloor.  

How is nora® nTx cleaned? 

nora® nTx is cleaned in exactly the same fashion as the noraplan / norament coverings. There is no difference in the cleaning.    


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