nora® nTx – The revolutionary fast installation system

A hassle-free flooring solution for efficient installation, with established nora® quality.

nora® nTx is a tough, commercial flooring system for fast installations and immediate usage. Compared to other resilient flooring installation processes, nothing installs more quickly and reliably than nora® nTx.

nora® nTx consists of our standard floor coverings fitted with an adhesive backing.


Learn more about how quick and reliable nora® nTx can be installed.

Fast floor refurbishment in nursing home: nora® nTx allows renovations in the shortest time

A new flooring in just a few hours with noraplan® unita nTx


Norament® nTx installation on mineral surface

See installation of norament® nTx in the
International School Brunssum in the Netherlands.

Fast installation on existing floor

Watch nora® nTx being installed on top of a class room's
existing floor between classes

Customer voices

A floor installer shares his experience
of installing 1000 qm2 of nora® nTx.

nora® nTx:

We offer a variety of nora® nTx designs suitable for various application areas. The perfect match between installation materials and flooring ensures functional safety and guarantees the highest standard of quality.

nora® nTx makes it possible to install more flooring in less time, with fewer staff. The new nTx floor can also be immediately used after installation.

Do you want to know more? Visit the nora® nTx product page for more information, including colors and detailed specifications.


With nora® nTx you can lay flooring quickly and easily in a few simple steps.


nora® nTx flooring can be laid directly on existing surfaces – even with high levels of residual moisture – and can be used immediately.


Laying nora® nTx flooring reduces downtime for your customer and minimises the risk of errors.

All information regarding the installation as well as the colors and designs of nora® nTx can be found in the brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nora® nTx made of?

nora® nTx consists of our noraplan standard floor coverings fitted with an adhesive backing. This adhesive backing is lined with a protective film. Like our noraplan floor coverings, this adhesive is also based on natural rubber and is free from health hazards.

Will the existing noraplan product properties change?

nora® nTx is manufactured from our noraplan standard floorings, so all product properties remain unchanged. The properties are listed on the technical data sheet.

What kind of nora® nTx product alternatives do you offer?

nora® nTx is available as sheetware and tiles. In our standard assortment we offer a color selection of noraplan® signa and sentica (2,1 mm thick) and norament® 926 grano, satura and arago (3,6 mm thick). Further colors and designs are available on request.

What requirements does the surface have to fulfil before nora® nTx is installed?

As for all installations, it is generally assumed that the subsurface is an intact screed/concrete floor which complies to the standards in the respective country. Defects on the surface must be levelled.

Can nora® nTx be installed on all materials?

nora® nTx can be used on all conventional screed/concrete substrates. These include cement screed (CT), quick cement screed, calcium sulphate screed (CA), vacuum concrete, and concrete. nora® nTx can also be installed on existing, smooth floor coverings (e.g. natural rubber, linoleum, PVC) and on other subsurfaces (e.g. wood, aluminium). These, however, must be permanently and securely bonded to the substrate and must not have any cavities. nora® nTx may not be installed on heated subsurface structures.

How is nora® nTx installed?

Depending on the consistency of the subsurface, nora® nTx can be installed without prior trowelling over the whole surface. In general, the subsurface must first be treated accordingly and primed with nTx 020. For details, see nora® nTx installation recommendations.

How is nora® nTx cleaned?

nora® nTx is cleaned exactly like the noraplan floorings.

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